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Yes, THAT Carcer
Hullo there, and welcome to carcer_dun. Yes, we're a fanclub for that psychopath from Terry Pratchett's Night Watch, and yes, we know we're crazy. If you, too, are crazy, we'd like to see the fruit of your craziness, in the form of fanart, fanfic, and all manner of fannish rambling and raving posted here for the rest of us to see -- after all, it's nigh-on impossible to find Carcer-ish things anywhere else out there.

For the sake of TMOH's sanity and general legality, we do have to instate a few rules and disclaimers and so forth:

Even though we're all self-professed fans of a CRIMINAL PSYCHO MURDERER and probably mostly hybristophiles, we can't and don't condone murder/theft/other criminal activities. Just so the world knows.

The whole purpose of this sort of thing to to get fans together, and drama and flaming and such things just miss the point.

Considering who we fangirl, we are completely open to all manner of violent and adult-oriented content, provided that it's marked and behind a cut.

We're ALL going to hell for this, aren't we?